Go Fore Broke is a California-based company that provides a diverse line of clothing, accessories and sport nick nacks. You will find "Something For Everyone" at your fingertips.

Go Fore Broke carries a wide range of sportswear, including golf items for men women and youth, from T-shirts to golf tees. We provide a quality product that our customers will love.

The meaning of Go Fore Broke is: "No matter how minor or powerless you might feel, anyone can achieve great things by continuously putting in steady, persistent effort and exerting one's self to the utmost".

My Story

I am a proud single father raising two teenage children. As you would expect, raising children can be hard and come with many ups and downs. I need to spend more time with my children and still provide for them. After 4 1/2 years at my previous job of needing more hours and more money I took a leap of faith. I have always wanted to start my own business but always talked myself out of it. I was always comfortable at the work place because I knew at least I was going to get a pay check. After long, hard debate I used the money I had put aside to fully start my company. Now there is no one to complain to or ask for more hours. Now I have to "Exert Myself To The Utmost".

What is your story?

How have you stepped out in faith, believed in something whole-heartedly while family, friends or other people doubted you and said not to do it?  Maybe people have encouraged you to pursue your dream or step out of a situation and you did not do it, or it took you a long time to realize you should do it?  WHATS YOUR STORY?   Let us know at Go Fore Broke and if we post your story on our webpage we will send you a Free Go Fore Broke visor.